Blaine Hummel, J.D., M.Ed.
Licensed Professional Counselor
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The single most important factor in effective therapy is the connection you share with your therapist. So, you want someone who understands you at a core level. I have tattoos, wear Vans to work, listen to alternative music, love a good meme and believe humor is integral to healing.  But, I have also been an attorney for over 22 years, so I know how to be serious when necessary. I have my own personal journey which has taken me through the 12 steps, divorce and single parenting. So, I know the pain of failed relationships and understand anxiety intimately. Mostly, I am able to connect with clients on a human level.

I’m a parent of a teenager. I speak Tik Tok and IG. I work very well with adolescents.  But, I also follow current events and have a few years on my tires. Well, maybe more than a few. So, I know a thing or two about life transitions, mid-life crises, career struggles, relationship issues, divorce, depression, anxiety and a whole list of other things.

If you are an attorney struggling with your mental health, please reach out. You can read about Counseling for Attorneys under our Specialties section. I work well with attorneys and other high-level professionals. You can reach me through the contact page or by sending me an email to I can also be contacted by phone or text at (346) 200-7180.