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Counseling For Teens

Message for Teens

Being a teenager is tough.  This is a time in your life when you desperately want to have independence, but you feel like nobody will allow you to “do your own thing.”  Or, maybe you are struggling to figure out what your “own thing” is.  Do you feel angry because you think your parents and teachers are always trying to tell you what to do and how to act?  Maybe you feel like you can’t be your true self because you are afraid of what they will think? Will they will try to keep you from expressing yourself in a way that makes sense to you

Maybe you haven’t quite found that group of friends that “get” you. Is it a struggle to find, and keep, friends that you actually enjoy being around?   Do you worry friends will break your trust and tell your secrets? You never get close to anyone because these fears keep you from making lasting connections with your peers?

What should you do?

To some extent, all of these feelings are a normal part of being a teen and finding your way through life.  If you feel like these things are holding you back from being the best version of yourself, you may need someone to talk to. Someone you can speak to openly without the fear that they will judge you.  Our counselors are here to help you.  They understand the feelings you are having and can give you strategies and tools to cope with being a teenager in today’s world.  

Message For Parents of Teens

Has your child become increasingly difficult to connect with?  Do you feel like they are always escaping from every conversation you try to have with them, or they argue with everything you say?  Do you worry that your relationship with them is damaged, or non-existent?  As they are trying to make their way in the world, many of these things are completely normal interactions.  However, if you feel that they are exhibiting characteristics that are way more extreme than what you think is a “normal” part of being a teenager, it might be time to reach out to someone.  Our counselors are here to help your teen through this challenging time in their life.  They are well prepared in the world of counseling for teens.

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Back To School Stress

Is your child experiencing "Back to School" stress?

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