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Counseling For Attorneys

The life of an attorney can be grueling. We work long hours to fulfill billable hour requirements. We are expected to consistently operate at a high level for our clients under stressful conditions. Even a slight mistake can result in a catastrophe for our clients. The toll the legal profession can take on our lives is significant.

 Attorneys consistently rank at the top of the list of professions with the highest suicide rates. In a recent comprehensive study conducted by the American Bar Association and the Betty Ford Hazelton Foundation, over 20% of attorneys surveyed scored at a level of problematic drinking. Participants were questioned regarding any past mental health concerns over the course of their legal career, and provided self-report endorsement of any specific mental health concerns they had experienced. The most common mental health conditions reported were anxiety (61.1%), followed by depression (45.7%), social anxiety (16.1%), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (12.5%), panic disorder (8.0%), and bipolar disorder (2.4%).

If you need help, please reach out. I am an attorney as well as a therapist and understand the rigors of our work. I have tried numerous cases to verdict and handled many appeals in state and federal court and I know what it takes to prepare for trial, to meet deadlines, to manage associates and maintain client relationships.

Blaine Hummel

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